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this short biography by Stephen Thomas Erlewine of the All Music Guide

People's Stories about Cub

"Thank you, Cub, for giving me Rock and Roll." from Joe

"Cub was so patient with my dumb hillbilly ass it still amazes me." from Scotty Miller

"...First off, we are a rock 'n' roll blues band. Real rock 'n' roll!..." from Steve Bartrum

"The house literally pulled the plug on them to get them to stop. What a great show! " from Tom Casey

"...and there stood Cub in the shirt he wore onstage, no pants (just underwear) and his cowboy boots..." from Dennis Allport

"Cub loved a practical joke. " from Bob Jones

"my last Cub sighting" from John Vassiliou

"No, man! I make this part o' my act. Watch this!" from Jon McAuliffe

...I realized that Cub was a scholar as much as a rocker from Dr. Tim

...everything genuine in the world of music. from Sunfish

The man had more testicular fortitude than the Fourth Cavalry when he needed it. from Clay S. Conrad

I told him I would rather be Cub Koda. from Michael Stephens

This guy didn’t just ACT like he liked the music, he was obviously a fan of it like me! from Bill Verkuilen

"On De Road" with the Cubmaster... by Bruce Nazarian

Black & White Striped Shirts, Not Just For Referees Anymore...
from Kenneth Alverson..

A Great Story, sure to delight and tell you something new
--from Teisco Del Rey

Thanks for everything, Cub---from Billy Gross

... just by being himself.- from Phil Shoemaker of the band SHITHOOK

I was hooked. Pure Cubmania! - from Steve Bergman of Schoolkids' Records

A glimpse of Cub as a kid! - from childhood friend Ed Vogel

From Brownsville to Bluesville!... - Dave Chavers

Stairway to Gilligan's Island - from Phil Klink

Raw, Blistering Rock'n'Roll: perspectives of a lifelong fan - Mike Hoover

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