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"An excellent introduction and overview of the blues, America's greatest gift to world culture. The book lays out an incredible amount of information thoroughly and clearly."

--John Landis, Director of The Blues Brothers and The Blues Brothers 2000

" This book will open your mind to one of America's greatest treasures."

--Robert Cray, Blues Enthusiast

"This is the perfect introduction to understanding a wonderful American music tradition; reading it will make any blues show or blues record even more fun."

--Bruce Iglauer, President and Founder, Alligator Records

This book was written by Cub Koda with contributions from Lonnie Brooks, Wayne Baker Brooks, Dan Aykroyd, and B.B. King.You will recognize Cub's style throughout;
he makes use of his immense personal experience and encyclopedic knowledge on the subject, including even the most obscure details of the Blues.

" Should be on every blues lover's list."

--Blues Access

"Of all the blues handbooks on my shelf, it is hands down the best."

--Vintage Guitar Magazine

"Extremely valuable and exhaustive."

--Christian Science Monitor

"Unquestionably the most complete and useful of such books on the market."

--San Francisco Examiner

Cub is the blues editor and a contributing writer for this book, providing many of its insightful biographies and reviews.

Of note: Cub also contributed to many of the other All Music Guides put out by AMG.


"This book is dedicated to
Cub Koda, a rock & roll wild man and true believer whose warmth, humor,
knowledge and wisdom was an inspiration to all of us at All Music Guide.
Without him, our publications would have been very different, and his spirit
lives on not just through his records and writing, but in this book."

-- Dedication from front of this book


In addition to being dedicated to Cub, This book contains many of Cub's reviews & contributions.