Check this out!!!!

If you enjoyed "The Cub Koda Crazy Show" or "The Vinyl Junkie" column from Goldmine Magazine/ Discoveries Magazine, I think you will enjoy this link to Bob Dylan's: Theme Hour Radio Show on XM Satellite Radio.
Bob's recent theme was "Smokin'" and just as you may have expected he played "Smokin' In The Boys' Room"!He spoke of Cub in the same way Cub would speak about other artists in his column. So please check it out. It's nice to know that someone with real crust has come forward to champion great and different music. Not to replace Cub's knowledge, but to carry it on...
The following link will begin the download of Bob Dylan's "Smokin'" themed show we are talking about. It's a big file but if you have a broadband connection it shouldn't take too long. Or even if you have a slow connection and are willing to let your computer take the many hours to download it's still well worth it...

Click here to begin the download!
The whole show is great and you will find the section with Cub about 40 minutes into the show.
If you like what you hear (we're sure you will) and would like to find out more about Bob Dylan's Theme Hour Radio show you can click here.

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