A Cub Koda Story submitted by Billy Gros

Since I never got the chance to do it in person-----
thanks for everything, Cub.

It was back around ' 70 or ' 71 that I was finally allowed to go to my first rock concert. I was barely a teenager then and was going to see a band that I had never heard before. Their name was "Brownsville Station" but I was open for anything. The concert was in Abbeville, LA., a small town with an old movie theater converted into a concert hall. The first band was a local group called the "War Babies" and I enjoyed them ( kinda psychedelic).

But then the "Station" came on and just totally BLEW ME AWAY.

From that moment on I knew what my calling in life was. In Cub Koda I saw someone who really enjoyed himself and his music. That night I learned what boogie was all about. Even though my favorites were all the big names in classic rock, I bought all of the Brownsville Station albums that came out. Now when I saw them they were a 4 piece band and "Smoking in the Boys Room" was still a couple of years away, so it wasn't like I was jumping on a bandwagon kinda thing, I really thought that these guys were great. Well as I got older I taught myself to play guitar and one of the first songs that I learned by myself was "Smoking..." but my favorite on that album was " The Martian Boogie" it's just so alive------very dynamic.

Well as everyone knows "Brownsville Station" faded out from sight (especially from our part of the world) and I had always wondered what had happened to them. Then when I finally entered into the computer world one of the first things I went searching for was "Brownsville Station" then "Cub Koda", words can't describe how I felt from learning of Cub's death, I was sorta hoping to be able to find him playing somewhere and getting to see him again and let him know how much he influenced my life. Imagine that, a person that I had only see play a couple of times and had never met had such a big impact on me. But from all that I've read about him it seems that it's not that surprising a thing. Well since I never got the chance to do it in person-----thanks for everything Cub.

Billy Gros
New Iberia, LA

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