A Cub Koda Story submitted by Bob Jones.

...the crowd was frigging flabbergasted...


Cub loved a practical joke. He played many gigs at my club "The White Hat" up here in NH.
We had a local guy (also a musician) that resembles Cub very closely and one night he showed up at the club dressed up just like Cub. Same glasses, rhinestone jacket...the works.
Cub had a 50' extension cord on his guitar and he remained in a back room while the imposter took the stage with a spare guitar to fool the audience. He was putting on a good visual show while Cub rocked the place from the back room and then, Cub jumped up on the stage while 3 bouncers threw out the "imposter".....the crowd was frigging flabbergasted....so funny.

Bob Jones
Meredith NH


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