A Cub Koda Story submitted by Dennis Allport.

...and there stood Cub in the shirt he wore onstage, no pants (just underwear) and his cowboy boots...


This is short, but I hope it fits.

My story isn't that fantastic, but there are some good memories for me.

In the 90's I was playing key's and singing back up with a guy that had a few hits in the 70's. His name is Jim Gold, and the group was called "Gallery". We got booked on a show that featured a few acts. We played in Minnesota at an arena (can't remember the name, but it was big enough...ton of people). The acts were Jim and us, Cub Koda of "Brownsville Station" fame (Smokin' in the Boys Room), And "The Drifters".

Before we left for the show in Minn. we were asked if we could be the backing band for Cub. His people sent us a cassette of the songs he would be performing. We learned them as well as possible. We were flown in and sent right to the arena for sound check and rehearsal with Cub. Basically to take the cues he would be giving us through his show. Meeting him for the first time on stage was extremely interesting. He had his whole show planned out, even if mistakes were made.

We (Gallery) went on first doing a short 30 min set, ending with Jim's hits "Nice to Be With you" and "I Believe in Music". great crowd response!

We left the stage and did a little wardrobe change to head out with Cub. He had a lot of tricks up his sleeves. A great performer, what a clown, he made us feel very comfortable in front of the crowd. He went up to each of us and introduced us as his rent-a-band, then he told the audience that he always gets the most for his money...what did they think? Big cheer! We felt so cool.

He did this thing where he threw his guitar up in the air and caught it landing on a certain note that only emphasized that part of the tune. We played "Smokin" and I don't remember hearing a crowd cheer quite as loud. It was a great experience for me/us. It was loud and Rockin' as you could guess. I felt like a rock star. hahaha...right. Still, I have those memories. He then thought it would be cool to throw me a solo (never rehearsed). I started and here he comes right next to me and starts to lean on my shoulder, I lost my footing and landed on my knee, but kept playing my solo. Ahh, being knocked down by Cub while playing is something I'll never forget!! :D

After our shows we stayed around to catch the Drifters. They had a very classy show. We ended the night in the hotel. We conglomerated in Jim's room to have a few beers and just hang out and party. A knock at the door. I went to open it, and there stood Cub in the shirt he wore onstage, no pants (just underwear) and his cowboy boots, holding a pot of coffee! he was ready to pull an all nighter. I stayed up for a long time and listened to him tell quite a few good stories. The main one I remember is how he and Steven King are good friends, and that Steve even mentioned him in one of his books, saying he was 'one of the best house rockers that ever lived'.

I agreed. He smiled.

I'll never forget my night on stage with one of music's most captivating performers. I would have been happy to just be in the audience. Thank you Cub, you made another musician happy, it was an honor!

We miss you!

Dennis Allport


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