A Cub Koda Story submitted by Michael Stephens

I told him I would rather be Cub Koda...

Just hit your great web site. Thank you so much. Cub was a god to me; Brownsville Station was an institution! I just ordered “SCHOOL PUNKS”, which I believe is one of the best 10 records ever made. I waited for this disc to come out for years. Cub influenced my playing, I am Sonic Mike Stephens from Phoenix, AZ Punk legends, THE RED SQUARES. Yep, we were a three piece with stacks of amps, fueled by beer and a love of all root rock n’ roll. John Dixon, a DJ in Phoenix gave me the Sonic Mike nick-name after a gig in 1980. He told me that I sounded like Fred “Sonic” Smith of the MC5, and the name stuck. I told him I would rather be Cub Koda and he smiled.

Thanks so much for the memories. God rest your soul, Cub

Sonic Mike

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