‘Old Gus’

25) 1957 TELECASTER/Blonde-Maple neck-White PG

-acq. October,1980 (‘Old Gus’, the official guitar w/The Houserockers since 1982, Shallers, Duncan Broadcaster & Vintage tele rhythm pickups–11/80..Lindy Fralin lead pickup & newly rewired–5/96), converted back to Fender tuners 6-00.

Over the years Cub had been contacted by musicians and fans with questioins about the guitars he had owned. This list was put together by Cub himself in the year 2000. We hope this might answer any questions you may have.

This is just a list of every guitar that Cub ever had throughout his career. Most of which, over the years, have been sold, traded, broken, or stolen. Only the guitars that Cub thought of as necessities for playing and recording were kept in the collection over time. And now there are a few pieces that will remain until they find a good home where they will be played and enjoyed as Cub had requested.



1) 1969 SEETHROUGH/acq.1973 (used on “Smokin’ In The Boy’s Room”)
2) 1969 SEETHROUGH/acq.1974 (used on “School Punks”)
3) 1970 SEETHROUGH/acq.1975 (used on “Motor City Connection”)


1) 1978 D-18 STYLE ACOUSTIC/Natural-acq. 3/28/92


1) 1961 GUITARLIN/Copper & White Sunburst-acq.1971
2) 1966 12 STRING/Sunburst-1PU-acq.1975
3) 1967 CONVERTIBLE/Formica Blonde-acq.1976
4) 1966 SILVERTONE 1457/Cherry Sunburst Sparkle-2 PU Amp-in-case model
5) 1963 GUITAR-BASS DOUBLENECK/Copper & White Sunburst-acq.1979 (used on “Beetle Bug Bop”)
6) 1965 CONVERTIBLE/Formica Blonde-acq.1979 (used on “Cub Digs Chuck”-”Back In The U.S.A.”)
7) 1957 SILVERTONE MODEL C/Black-1 PU-acq.1983 (used on “Let’s Get Funky” -”Henrietta”)
8) 1965 SILVERTONE 1431/Black Sparkle-1 PU Amp-in-case model-acq.1985
9) 1965 SILVERTONE 1457/Cherry Sunburst Sparkle-2 PU Amp-in-case model-acq.August,’91 (used on “Mind Over Matter” on ABBA DABBA DABBA-A BANANZA OF HITS)
10) 1968 CORAL-SILVERTONE LONGHORN/Sunburst Coral Longhorn body-Silvertone 2 pickup, Amp-in-case neck/DiMarzio Super Distortion prototype PU-Danelectro bridge/silver verticle Danelectro headstock decal-Gotohs/--assembled by the Reptile Dentist Club-August, ‘92 (used on “Robert Johnson-King Of The Electric Delta Blues Singers”)…Refinished hot pink, red fur sides,f-holes plugged, Gold Gotohs, MXR Distortion+ added, converted to Bigsby bridge-Macaferri tailpiece by the Reptile Dentist Club-August, ‘93-Jan. ‘94/gold horns w/name in upraised copper handwrought added Jan.’95/RDC bridge plate added November ‘95
11)2000 6 STRING BASS/Black/NWP, June, 2000.


1) 12 STRING ACOUSTIC/Name inlaid in fingerboard-Built in 1978.


1) 1964 RIVIERA/Sunburst-acq.1969 (used on 1st Brownsville LP)
2) 1966 CASINO/Sunburst-acq.1970
3) 1997 ES-335 DOT/Cherry-NWP Seymour Duncan Seth Lover PUs-New wiring, tuners, bridge& nut work, 8-98 (used on Cub Koda & The Points “Noise Monkeys”)
4)1997 LES PAUL JR./TV Yellow-1 P-90, wraparound bridge/tailpiece, acq. 5-2000.


1) 1967 TELECASTER/Blonde-Rosewood Neck-White PG-NWP (Koda Corp.)
2) 1968 TELECASTER/Blonde-Maple Neck-White PG-NWP (Ronnie Ross)
3) 1972 TELECASTER THINLINE/Black-Maple Neck-White PG-2 Fender humbucking pickups-NWP (cover of “Yeah!”)
4) 1955 ESQUIRE/Natural-Maple Neck-White PG-acq.1972 (used on “Let Your Yeah Be Yeah”)
5) 1974 TELECASTER/Mahagony-Rosewood Neck-Black PG-NWP (used on “Motor City Connection”)
6) 1966 TELECASTER/Blonde-Rosewood Neck-White PG-acq.1975 (used on “That’s What I Like About The South”)
7) 1956 ESQUIRE/Blonde-Maple Neck-White PG-acq.1976 (used on “Ace Of Spades”)
8) 1963 STRATOCASTER/Yellow-Rosewood neck-White PG-Gold parts-refinished silver metallic-acq.1966 (The Blue Blades & The Blues Machine)
9) 1966 STRATOCASTER/Sunburst-Rosewood Neck-White PG-acq.1969
10) 1966 STRATOCASTER/Candy Apple Red-Rosewood Neck-White PG-acq.1971 (used on United Sound sessions for 2nd Brownsville album)
11) 1965 STRATOCASTER/White-Rosewood Neck-Shell PG-acq.1972 (used on “A Night On The Town” and “Yeah!”)
12) 1975 STRATOCASTER/Black-Maple Neck-White PG-NWP
13) 1958 STRATOCASTER/Sunburst-Maple Neck-White PG-acq.1976 (used on “My Friend Jack” & “Throw Me A Lifeline”)
14) 1965 STRATOCASTER/Pink-Rosewood Neck-Aluminum PG-DiMarzio pu’s, Boost switch in input jack, acq.1977 ( used on “Air Special”)
15) 1968 JAZZMASTER/Sunburst-Block inlays-acq.1970
16) 1968 DUO-SONIC/Red-converted from 2 pickups to 1 Dan Armstrong-acq.1970
17) 1971 MUSTANG/Red-converted from original wiring to-Switchcraft toggle switch-1 Telecaster bridge pickup and 1 Stratocaster neck pickup-refinished black-acq.1973
18) 1963 MUSICMASTER/White-Rosewood Neck-Shell PG-acq.1975 (used on “Annie Had A Baby”)
19) 1953 STRINGMASTER DOUBLE 8/Blonde-2 necks-acq.1976 (used on “Split Personality”)
20) 1975 PRECISION BASS/Sunburst-Rosewood Neck-Shell PG-NWP. Sold 1979.
21) 1965 TELECASTER CUSTOM/Sunburst-Rosewood Neck-White PG-acq.1978
22) 1964 JAGUAR/Burgundy Mist Metallic-White PG-acq.1979 (used on “Blues Stop Knockin’” & “Tight Jeans”[CK & Points version])
23) 1980 LEAD II/Red-Rosewood Neck-2 single coil pickups-Black PG-NWP (Cub Koda & The Points)
24) 1969 TELECASTER THINLINE/Natural-Maple Neck-White Shell PG-Tele pickups-acq.1980 (Starlighters)
25) 1957 TELECASTER/Blonde-Maple neck-White PG-acq. October,1980 (‘Old Gus’, the official guitar w/The Houserockers since 1982, Shallers, Duncan Broadcaster & Vintage tele rhythm pickups–11/80..Lindy Fralin lead pickup & newly rewired–5/96), converted back to Fender tuners, 6-00.
26) 1968 JAZZMASTER/Sea Foam Green-Rosewood Neck-White PG-Bound neck w/dot inlays-acq.1982 (Chase St. Band)
27) 1964 JAGUAR/Sunburst-Rosewood Neck-Shell PG-acq.1982
28) 1983 BULLET III/Sunburst-Maple neck-3 PU’s-NWP (used on “Let’s Get Funky”)
29) 1957 VINTAGE STRATOCASTER/Blonde-Maple Neck-White PG-NWP 1983 (used on “TV Talk” & cover of “Let’s Get Funky”)
30) 1983 SQUIRE STRATOCASTER/White-Rosewood Neck-White PG-NWP
31) 1985 PAISLEY TELECASTER (reissue of ‘68 pink paisley model)/NWP (August,1985- sold 12-90)
32) 1962 VINTAGE TELECASTER CUSTOM/Candy Apple Red-Rosewood Neck-White PG-NWP–converted to Esquire wiring w/Lace Sensor pickup and new single layer white pickguard,11/94-Lace Sensor rhythm pickup added & converted back to Tele wiring w/TBX tone control, 11-95. Rewired back To Esquire electrincs & p’guard, 6-00. (Christmas present from Lady J/12-85)
33) 1962 VINTAGE STRATOCASTER/Lake Placid Blue-Rosewood Neck-White PG-NWP 1986 (Christmas gift from Lady J/12-86/converted to 3 Vintage Noiseless Pickups 7/99) [used on “Bacon Fat”] & String Saver Graphite saddles, 7/99.
34) 1986 PRECISION BASS/Lake Placid Blue-Rosewood Neck-White PG-NWP
35) 1989 SQUIRE STRATOCASTER/White-Rosewood Neck-White PG-NWP
36) 1976 STRATOCASTER/Sunburst-Rosewood Neck-Black PG-Non Tremolo-acq.1990 (refinished Blonde-Nitro green PG/6-93) Traded for Tascam DA-30 DAT Recorder, June, 1999.
37) 1957 VINTAGE STRATOCASTER/Olympic White-Maple Neck-Non Tremolo-NWP 1992 (Christmas gift from Lady J/12-92…Converted to 3 Gold Lace Sensor PUs, Eric Clapton model active electronics & “Roland Janes” 5-way switch 2-93)
38) 1967 JAZZMASTER/White with original sunburst underneath-Rosewood Neck-Bound neck (binding and side dots removed) with block inlays-Shell PG (acquired 7-2-93 Refinished Surf Green by RDC/8-93, neck pickup rewired by Lindy Fralin/1-94, bridge, Strat knobs & gold anodized aluminum pickguard from Steve Soest/1-95 Vibrato Roller bar added 7-99) [used on “Abba Dabba Dabba-A Bananza Of Hits”]


1) 1954 LES PAUL/Sunburst-P90s-Bar tailpiece-acq.1968 (Ronnie Ross)
2) 1969 LES PAUL CUSTOM/Black-Humbuckers-NWP (used on “Rock & Roll Holiday”)
3) 1972 LES PAUL DELUXE/Black & White Stripes-1 mini humbucker/1-P90-acq.1973
4) 1953 LES PAUL/Goldtop-P90s-Humbuckers-Tune-o-matic-acq.1974
5) 1974 LES PAUL STANDARD/Sunburst-NWP
6) 1974 LES PAUL PERSONAL/Sunburst-Hollow body-Lo impedance PU’s-NWP
7) 1957 LES PAUL JUNIOR/Natural-Badass-acq.1975
8) 1975 LES PAUL DELUXE/Blue Sparkle-converted to P90s-NWP
9) 1973 SUPER 400/Sunburst-acq.1975 (used on “That’s What I Like About The South”/“Rattle Shakin’ Mama”)
10) 1975 FLYING V/Natural-NWP (gift from Lady J)
11) 1975 FLYING V/Black-NWP (used in Guitar Player-Pro’s Reply)
12) 1975 ES-345/Sunburst-NWP (used on “Shotgun” LP)
13) 1954 L-7E/Sunburst-acq.1973
14) 1967 ES-335/Sunburst-NWP (used on Koda Corp. 45)
15) 1961 ES-335/Cherry red-dot inlays-acq.1969 (used on “No B.S.”)
16) 1969 ES-330/Natural-acq.1969
17) 1968 ES-330/Cherry red-acq.1970
18) 1964 FIREBIRD V/Sunburst-acq.1968
19) 1965 FIREBIRD III/Sunburst-acq.1969 (used on “No B.S.” & “A Night On The Town”)
20) 1964 FIREBIRD V/Sunburst-acq.1969 (back cover of “A Night On The Town”)
21) 1956 LES PAUL JUNIOR/Natural-single cutaway-acq.1977
22 1966 TRINI LOPEZ STANDARD/Candy Apple red-acq.1978 (cover of “Cub Koda & The Points”) Traded for ‘Old Gus,” September, 1980.
23) 1975 J-160-E/Sunburst-acq.1978 (used on “That’s What I like About the South”)
24) 1965 ES-330/Sunburst-Bigsby-acq.1979
25) 1967 LG-1/Sunburst-acq.1979
26) 1954 LES PAUL/Goldtop-P90s-Bar tailpiece-acq.1980/refinished, refretted and rewired by Tom Pellerito 1980-1983 (used on “Cub Koda & The Points”,“Cub Digs Chuck,” “Cub Digs Bo” & “Abba Dabba Dabba-A Bananza of Hits”)
27) 1964 J-50/Blonde-acq.1981
28) 1985 LES PAUL/Cherry Sunburst (“Heritage” reissue of ‘59 Std.)-NWP (used on “Still Smokin’” LP and on display at The Hard Rock Cafe)
29) 1965 MELODY MAKER/Pink-1 Humbucker-Schallers-acq.1989, refinished 6/89.
30) 1982 LES PAUL XR-III/Candy Apple Red-acq.1989
31) 1989 LES PAUL ‘CUSTOM JUNIOR’/Standard body and neck, Custom fingerboard, L-5 headstock inlay, 1 humbucking-volume & tone–Grovers–Gold tophat knobs-Dark Cherry flame top with ‘gold top’ mahogany sides and back-acq. 5-4-94, Gibson Butterfly Klusons, Gibson ‘57 Classic + humbucker installed 10-96.
32) 1966 SG JUNIOR “RACKETBOY”/Body stripped to natural, 1 Duncan CCJ humbucking replacing P-90, wraparound bridge, original tuners-acq. 11-95 (used on Cub Koda & The Points “Noise Monkeys”) 5-99-original Gibson vibrola added, 3-00, sold 5-00
33) 1968 LG-O/Mahagony body-acquired 1995 (used on “Box Lunch”)
34) 1966 MELODY MAKER/cherry red, 1 mini humbucker replacing original, acquired in trade for Les Paul Custom Junior, 12/96. Sold to Boss Guitars.
35) 1966 KALAMAZOO KG-2A/Blue, gutted, new Schaller tuners (taken from ‘Old Gus’), new pickguard w/DiMarzio Super Distortion humbucker, Danelectro volume/tone controls installed 6-00
36)1974 J-50/Blonde/acq. in trade May, 2000. Martin bridge pins added, 6-00.


1) 1998 ASAT STANDARD (SPECIAL)/Gold Metallic, maple neck, black hardware, 2 G&L MFD pickups-acq. 7-99.


1) 1966 CHET ATKINS NASHVILLE/Orange-NWP (used on Del-Tino 200)
2) 1967 CHET ATKINS NASHVILLE/Orange-NWP (Blues Machine)
3) 1959 JET FIRE BIRD/Red-acq.1976
4) 1961 ANNIVERSARY/Green-acq.1980 (Wayne Kelly gig)


1) 1978 EXPLORER/Cherry Sunburst-ser.#0083-acq.1979


1) 1963 MASTER/Sunburst- pickguard mounted Kent PU-NWP
2) 1963 ROCKET II/Red-2 pickups-NWP (used on “Go!Go!Go!”)
3) 1965 340/Cherry Sunburst-2 DeArmond PU’s-Vibrato-NWP (used on “Nightlife”)
4) 1959 SILVERTONE STRATOTONE/Sunburst-2 PU’s-acq.1985 (used on “Goose & The Goldfish” video)
5) 1963 ROCKET II/Red-2 pickups-Schallers-Bigsby added 11-92 by the Reptile Dentist Club-acq.1989. (Christmas gift from Lady J/Dec.’89-used on cover of “Cub Digs Bo”)
6) 1952 STELLA ACOUSTIC/Sunburst-acq.1982 (Reptile Dentist Club project #2 , ‘The Stellacaster’/refinished black & white~2tone-Harmony Stratotone pickup added-on~off switch-spotlight in soundhole/6/30/92)
7) 1967 BARCLAY ‘ROCKET’/sunburst, double cutaway, Roy Smeck vibrato, 2 DeArmond PUs. Acquired 4-97. Traded to Boss Guitars.


1) 1975 DESTROYER/Mahagony-NWP-Headstock broke onstage.
2) 1975 DESTROYER/Korina-NWP (used in Ibanez ad in Guitar Player Magazine)-Traded for Hamer Explorer, 1979.
3) 1975 ROCKET ROLL,SR./Korina-NWP
4) 1977 2651/Sunburst-Les Paul model-NWP


1) 1954 LAP STEEL/Brown-acq.1978 Electronics rotted away.


1) 1963 230?/Solid body-Natural-2 PU’s-acq.1968
2) 1966 330/Solid body-Cherry Sunburst-3 PU’s-Vibrato-acq.1989
3)1954 ‘KAY ELECTRIC’/Solid body-Sunburst finish-1 pickup w/tiger stripe pu surround & control plate cover/hard-wired guitar cord/
u-shaped ‘end pins’ [Bill Haley model]/converted to reg. guitar input jack & end pins & refinished Daisy Yellow by RDC, 7-94. Headstock plaque reading ‘Beehive Queen’ & gifted 12-95.
4)195? SHERWOOD DELUXE/Arch Top Electric-Iced Tea Sunburst-1 PU/traded for Supertone, 3-97. Traded to Boss Guitars shortly thereafter.


1) 1951 LAP STEEL/Blue-Green marble finish w/matching amp-acq.1990 (used on The Lower Brothers’ album)-Traded to Boss Guitars


1) 1975 D-18/Natural-acq. 1978
2) 1978 HD-28/Natural-acq.1990 /new bridge 7-95


1) 1965 VENTURES MODEL BASS/Midnight Blue-single pickup-acq. 6-89 (used on “Cub Digs Chuck,”“Cub Digs Bo,” “Abba Dabba Dabba-A Bananza of Hits”)
2) 1970 CELEBRITY II/Sunburst-2 pickups–acq. Summer 1990, refinished Camaro Yellow w/customized pickguard, Bigsby w/1956 Merle Travis arm, 1990-94 (used on “I Can’t Get Started With You”) Traded May, 2000.


1)1975 DOBRO 33-H/NWP (used on “My Friend Jack” & “Mr. Johnson Sez”)
2) 1934 SUPERTONE ARCHTOP ROUNDHOLE ACOUSTIC/Sunburst-made by National for Spiegel catalogue-acq.November,1990/refinished natural-June 1991–repaired and resprayed by RDC-June 1994-96
(used on “Olds 98 Blues”)
3)1964 SUPRO J.B. HUTTO MODEL/Res-O-Glas Red–2 pickups–acq. March 13, 1993–rewired March 16, 1993–Gotohs-Headstock art April,’93–Sold 5-2-94


1) 1973 BALLADEER/White-NWP (used on “Yeah!”,”School Punks” and “Motor City Connection”)


1) 1996 Dobro-style Resonator-acq. May, 2000 in trade for vinyl.


1) 1970 331/Blue-2 pickups-Lightup model-NWP
2) 1980 330/Blue-2 pickups-NWP
3) 1999 330-12/Black w/Toaster PU’s-acq. May, 2000 in trade for Ora-Visual 12 String and Super Reverb.


1) 1983 BLUESCASTER/White-2 humbuckers/Tele-style neck/Les Paul style body/Strat bridge-acq. 2/22/85. Stolen.


1) Natural finish-2 Humbuckers/Rosewood Telecaster neck/all maple body/tune-o-matic bridge/Gretsch ‘G’ tailpiece (built & gifted by David Rennie,1978)


1) 1966 CHECKMATE/Black-1PU-acq.1976 (gift from PJ / Lightnin’s guitar)--Eventually rotted away.
2) 1969 CHECKMATE/Sunburst-2PU’s-Vibrato-acq.1978 (30th birthday gift from Lady J-“Rockin’ Billy” 78)
3) 1966 TEISCO DEL REY 1437/Sunburst-4 PU’s-Vibrato (arm removed) -acq. November,1989. Refinished Caution Orange April 1990. Named “Big Red” by Ted Harvey July 1991. Rewired October ‘91(used on “Hey! Bo Diddley” on ‘Cub Digs Bo’)-Traded to Boss Guitars, June, 2000.
4) 1967 ORA-VISUAL 12-STRING/Sunburst-2 PU’s-acq. August,1991. Refinished Go Green & Black~2tone by the Reptile Dentist Club-5/30/92 (used on “Abba Dabba Dabba” [3 songs])-Traded May, 2000.
5) 1967 KIMBERLY/green sunburst, Checkmate style pickguard, 4 pickups. Sold 4/97.


1) 1951 CAPITOL MANDOLIN/Sunburst-acq.1990.
-Deer bone/walnut bridge built July ‘90, (used on Lower Brothers album)-traded to Boss Guitrars for Epiphone Les Paul Jr. June, 2000.


1) 1969 110-E/Cherry Red-2 PU’s-Vibrato-acq.1970