Happy Birthday Cub!!

A Story from Joe
"Thank you, Cub, for giving me Rock and Roll."
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NEW CD with all the old favorites AND two previously UNRELEASED tracks!
No member of the public has EVER HEARD these tracks!

Cub Koda & Points Revisited


A Story from Scotty Miller
"Cub was so patient with my dumb hillbilly ass it still amazes me."

A Story from Steve Bartrum
"...First off, we are a rock 'n' roll blues band. Real rock 'n' roll!... "

Cub Koda Rockabilly Extras!



A Story from Tom Casey
"The house literally pulled the plug on them to get them to stop. What a great show! "

A Story from Dennis Allport
"...and there stood Cub in the shirt he wore onstage, no pants (just underwear) and his cowboy boots..."

A Story from Bob Jones
"Cub loved a practical joke "

A Story from John Vassiliou
"At first I thought it was the ghost of Buddy Holly... "

Now available again by request !

Coming soon:
Previously un-released rock-a-billy tracks and a live interview by Cub!
CD will be titled "Cub Koda Rock-a-billy Extras" and will include liner notes by Jon McAuliffe!!! Information will be listed here soon!

Cub's music recently recognized on Bob Dylan's: Theme Hour Radio Show
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June 24th, 2006
Detroit Premiere &
DVD Release Party !!

See Cub in
Wayne County ramblin!!!

A Story from Jon McAuliffe
"No, man! I make this part o' my act. Watch this!"
A Story from Dr. Tim
...I realized that Cub was a scholar as much as a rocker.
A Story from Sunfish
...everything genuine in the world of music.

Brownsville Station: Finally on CD!

A Story from Clay S. Conrad
The man had more testicular fortitude than the Fourth Cavalry when he needed it.

Wayne County ramblin

Premiered in New Orleans on Saturday, July16th, 2005!

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"On De Road" with the Cubmaster... A Story by Bruce "Beezer" Nazarian
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